A Product Manager Learns to Code: Week 8

I was a total slacker this week - mainly because it snowed here in Colorado and I went skiing in Aspen instead of working on JavaScript. I understand this makes me sound like a complete asshole, but powder day > coding.


What I learned this week

  1. This week I started the “Arrays” chapter. 
  2. Arrays started off pretty easy. I learned how to write an array, which is simple. And Udacity used a lot of donut examples in this chapter to teach how to write and manipulate an array, and it all seemed really fun. And delicious.
  3. THEN, they mixed in functions with arrays, and I got a lot of anxiety. 
  4. It took me many, many hours to finish the array chapter. 
  5. ^^ OK I lied, I still haven’t finished the array chapter. I'm trying to finish it off tonight.


  1. can now write an array that expresses a long list of donuts.
  2. I am sh*t at doing anything with arrays that involves functions and I've needed the forums for help.
  3. I have no other accomplishments to boast this week. I feel pretty pathetic, so I’m getting my ass in gear for Week 9. Starting tomorrow.

Ah Ha Moment(s)

  1. I’m about 65% of the way through the course and I only have 4 weeks left to finish, so I need to stay motivated and on track so I can finish this thing. 
  2. I started the Intro to Javascript course on Codecademy as a supplement this week since I need more practice with functions. 

I NEED to finish Arrays and Objects by next week so I can get started with JQuery. That’s the last part of the course.

This is me telling the world that I'm going to finish Arrays and Objects by next weekend, so I'm held accountable!