Ep.19: A Very Strange & Wonderful Year for Women in Tech

Join me and three other female product managers as we discuss gender in the tech industry. WAIT! MEN! Please keep listening! I promise the isn’t just an hour of man bashing. This year was a little crazy - from Susan Fowler’s weird year at Uber to the Google Manifesto - and I thought we should dedicate an episode to answering some tough questions from women working in the tech industry. This episode is relevant to everyone, because if you’re not a woman, you at least work with women.


Karleen Mercuri, Product Manager at Closet Box
Amy Maher, Freelance Product Leader, Mentor at Galvanize. Follow her on Twitter  @_amymaher
Caroline Wood, Product Manager at Craftsy

Links Mentioned in the Episode: 

Susan Fowler’s Very Strange Year at Uber
Google’s Idealogical Echo Chamber (a.k.a. The Google Manifesto), Full Text
Sexual Harrassment Training Doesn't Work. But Some Things Do
Ted Talk on Power Poses

In the podcast, I mention a Harvard Study with Harry vs Hariet. I got that wrong. It's actually John vs. Jennifer and the study was conducted at Yale.