Ep.23: There's Product Management in My Medicine: Interview with a (Real) Doctor

I’ve been looking for a doctor for some time to come on the podcast and talk about product problems in medicine. Stuff like - Why is innovation adoption so slow in medicine? How will AI change my experience at the hospital? Why can’t I schedule an appointment with my doctor online? What are the problems that product people can solve?

We’re joined by Mike, a Denver-area radiologist, who answers these questions, and brings to light other unexpected product problems that are just waiting to be solved.

Finally - how can tech work with medicine to solve problems that we’ve already solved in other industries?


  • 1:00: Intro and shenanigans
  • 10:40: Product Use Cases in Medicine
    • 17:20 - Will AI steal doctors’ jobs?
    • 20:10 - Tech adoption, barriers to adoption in medicine
    • 24:25 - Scheduling ‘Wheel of Fortune'
    • 28:40 - Incentives and some product opportunity use cases
    • 41:05 - Medical Tourism
    • 42:45 - Tech + Medicine solving product problems. 
    • 51:30 - An example of a manual process
    • 55:00 - The product opportunity in medicine

Links Mentioned in the Episode

AI in Radiology - Wired
IBM's Watson in Radiology

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