Ep.24: Breaking into (Gaming) Product Management + A Rant About Wine + Our Thoughts on Crocs

Today we interview gaming product manager Peter Knudson, who works at Unity, an online gaming platform. Peter gives us some perspective on how he got into product management and specifically gaming, and monetization models in gaming that can be applied to other products outside of gaming.

Before the interview Adam and I report on Udacity’s Grow with Google scholarship (for PMs who want to learn to code), Kimberly starting her MBA, and we rant about how to improve the user experience of the wine store. 

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0:20: Intro, shenanigans
3:25: Udacity Grow with Google scholarship and how PMs can learn to code
10:30: MBA and our thoughts on Crocs
13:38: Wine Store user experience (very important)
20:05: Interview with a gaming PM    
       23:50: Acronomicon
       28:26: Cool Sh*t or bulls*t
       33:20: Breaking into Gaming Product Management
       38:30: Applying gaming product principles to other products
       40:40: Ad monetization in games
       42:35: Advice for breaking into the gaming industry

Guest Links

Peter Knudson: http://PeterKnudson.com
Subscribe to his PM Lunch Newsletter: http://bit.ly/2G2XkvU

Links Mentioned in the Episode

A Product Manager Buys Wine
A Product Manager Learns to Code Week 1
Grow with Google Scholarship/ Udacity

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