Ep.25: Scaling PM from Startup to Enterprise + Developer Experience - UX's Non-Celebrity Sibling

Our guest today is Scott Williamson, VP of Product at SendGrid. Scott has worked at SendGrid since 2013, when the PM team was small, and has grown the product team to support SendGrid's (much larger) size. 

Scott has a great blog series on the 7 keys to scaling product management, and we hit some of those key points, while diving deep on #7, which is building a developer experience team. If you work on a product used by developers in any capacity (i.e. maybe you work on a SaaS product which also offers a suite of APIs for devs), listen up to the Developer Experience portion of this episode. SendGrid is doing this right, and all PMs can learn from Scott's experience.

Before the interview, Adam and I talk feedback from our doctor episode, and my updates on the Grow with Google scholarship.

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0:25: Intro, listener feedback from last two episodes, Grow with Google update
9:10: What Mark Zuckerberg sounds like + upcoming episodes
11:50: Interview with Scott    
       11:55: Intro + Acronomicon
       13:05: Scott's thoughts on PM + MBA
       16:40: Overview of SendGrid's product & Scott's role
       19:30: Growing a team - what's important as you scale?
       28:30: Maturing the Product Planning Process
       33:05: Investing in Customer Validation
       37:25: Developer Experience + Building a DX Team

Guest Links

Scott Williamson, VP at SendGrid

Links Mentioned in the Episode

Scaling Product Management at SendGrid
Building a Developer Experience Team
A Product Manager Learns to Code, Week 2
Grow with Google Scholarship/ Udacity

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