Ep.27: Product Marketing + Ad Tech Customer Journeys + A Spanish Song (Not By Shakira)

This week on the podcast we have Leah Brite, product marketing director at SpotX, to tell us about Ad Tech basics, and also product marketing.

Ad Tech is an important industry to know about right now, and Leah walks us through an Ad Tech customer journey, and gives us some general background on how Ad Tech works (and SpotX's platform in particular.

Leah also talks about core functions of product marketing, how PMMs (product marketing managers) and PMs (product managers) can work well together. There's also a recipe for homemade bitters in there somewhere. 


2:50: Rant, Rumor, Report - New ‘no snack’ rule; Grow with Google Update, shout-outs
5:50 - Leah Intro
8:10: How to Make Homemade bitters
10:10: Adtech Basis
    10:30: Use Case #1: Jacob
    21:05: Supply & Demand
    23:55: SpotX & Video Adtech
    26:25 SpotX - a typical customer journey
29:10: Product Marketing: 
    29:30: Functions of Product Marketing (vs. Product management)
    38:10: How product managers can work well with product marketing

Guest Links:

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