Ep.26: Blockchain Basics for Product Managers + Kimberly's Embarrassing Mock Technical Interview

All product managers should know the basics of blockchain - what it is, what it can do, and popular use cases.

In this episode, Adam and I talk blockchain with two other developers. We also speculate if John McCain has any BitCoin, and discuss spinach supply chains, Estonia's awesome use of blockchain, and why ketchup is an amateur condiment (not in that order, though.)


:58: Kim’s fake technical interview
5:20: Rant Rumor Report
13:20: Blockchain
        14:40: Warm Up Game
        16:35: Acronomicon
        21:05: Blockchain basics “Explain it like I’m 12 years old”
        22:15: John’s McCain’s BitCoin
        25:35: Use Cases - Smart Contracts
        31:05: Spinach and Ebola + other supply chain examples
        33:50: EHR + Estonia
        35:38: Security + Dealing with Private Keys
        41:00: Is Blockchain dead?

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