Ep.29: Breaking Into Product - Entrepreneurship + 'Failures' + Pivot to PM

We’ve all heard lots of product stories from entrepreneurs who made it big, but what about product people who *almost* made it big? 

Taylor tells us about his breaking-into-product journey. After finishing college, and a short stint selling pre-paid cremation products in the Bay area (which is the best story ever), Taylor comes up with the idea for his first product, and becomes an almost-famous entrepreneur (my words, not his). After a series of successes ,'failures'  and a stint as an EIR, Taylor finds his niche as a product manager in a tech start-up.

This story highlights how the entrepreneurial spirit plays into being a successful product manager, and how a love for solving problems is key to success as a PM. Also, in general is just a delightful career journey into product management.


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3:10: Rant Rumor Report + Taylor Intro
6:50: Acronomicon
7:30: Taylor’s Path to PM
17:10: “Failures” + startup #2
25:50: EIR
27:30: Product Management Pivot
35:30: Lessons from entrepreneurship that are relevant for product managers