Top 7 Product Management Events Under $1000 You Should Attend in 2018

Ask your boss if you can attend one of these events - today!

Get that early-in-the-year budget earmarked to attend these awesome product management conferences.

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1. Product Camp - Multiple Locations - Multiple Days

Cost: $10 - $20 - depending on time and location

(Rocky Mountain Product Camp for those of us in Denver!)

No need to ask your boss to pay for this one. Product Camps are not expensive, super fun, and easy to accommodate into your work schedule, as they're only one day long. With events in Austin, Santa Clara, Vancouver, Portland Dallas, and Columbus (Ohio), there's got to be one near you.

I've met a ton of people at Product Camp, some of whom have been guests on the podcast

2. Mind the Product - San Francisco - July 16-17, 2018

Cost: $699 - $999

Also October 18-19, 2018 in London for our readers and listeners across the pond!

This is the biggest product conference in the world, and it focuses on product management specficically. Hear from top industry leaders and learn stuff that you can apply at your job the very next day. 

I also hear the food & drink is fabulous, which, as you all know, is of the greatest importance to me.

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3. Industry - Cleveland, Ohio - October 1-3, 2018

Cost: $695 - $995, depending on when you sign up. More to attend workshops.

Also April 23 - 24 in Dublin, Ireland for our friends and listeners closer to the Guinness factory.

Focused on building, scaling, and launching software products, this conference expects around 1000 attendees, providing a pretty intimate setting to get to know other product peeps. 

Speakers aren't as good as you'll get at Mind the Product, and this conference has the unfortunate location of Cleveland, Ohio. (I'm from Ohio, so I can say this. Sorry, Cleveland, but it's hard to compete with California.) But it is smaller, so you have a better chance at forming some meaningful relationships.

4. Pendomonium - Raleigh, NC - March 20-21, 2018

Cost: $599 - $799

I've never been to this conference, and I really wanted to go this year but I have another event that week. Let me tell you that based on the description on the website, it looks FUN. And Nir Eyal will be there - who doesn't want to meet that guy!?

The tag line for this conference? "How do you create products that customers love?" This is a very important question for ALL product managers to answer. Can someone please go to this event and report back to me? Particularly on the snack offerings?

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5. UX and Product Management Case Study Conference - Salt Lake City - May 31 to June 1, 2018

Cost: $500 - $700, depending on when you register.

I like that this conference is organized into case studies. So you're not just getting a bunch of people talking at you - you're getting a story. This conference is also small - it boasts around 650 attendees.

There are also a lot of snack breaks worked into the schedule, however not much detail on said snacks is provided in the agenda.

6. Mile High Agile - Denver, CO - May 21-22, 2018

Cost: $550

I had to list an event from my beloved Denver, Colorado. Although not specifically catered to product, this conference gives you an opportunity to hang with devs, designers, and other PMs in the beautiful mile-high city.

Speakers aren't listed yet (at the time of this writing), but if I know Denver, the microbrews will be delicious.

7. Denver Startup Week - Denver - September 24-27, 2018

Cost: FREE!

Of course, I am partial to Denver start-up week, being that I live in Denver, and I am obsessed with Denver. However, most cities have a startup week, and you should put your city's event on your calendar.

Startup week is a great way to get a feel for what's new in product this year, and what's comin' in hot. I suggest going for a few hours, trolling the booths, and talking to different people about what they're working on.

What events did I miss!? Let me know.